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Testimonials from clinic owners:

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Dear Al,
I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service and amazing product. As you know I purchased the
Laser Hair Removal 800HRP. You went above and beyond typical customer service to help me with all aspects of my purchase. You are definitely a highly valuable asset to your company, and your product is also of the highest standards.
Feel free to forward this message to your coworkers, peers, and customers.
Thank you again for your helpfulness and professionalism.

Lisa Slodov

“In terms of the experience, It was very positive. You were very responsive and professional. I appreciated the help with getting the financing at the best rate possible. We did have some challenges with the wire transfer but that seemed to be more of a bank issue, but you were very prompt in returning the refund as discussed. So far, the equipment seems good, although we are not in full swing of using it just yet, so more to come on that. I have enjoyed working with you on this and would be happy to do business again…

Mylissa Graber MD MBA FACEP
CEO Dr. G’s
Urgent Care

To whom it may concern,
I recently purchased a laser machine from Al and would like to say how happy i am with the level of customer service i have received. He has returned every call and answered all of my questions. He has been very attentive and has always been extremely helpful. I am truly grateful for his patience, understanding and kindness. A true professional and a great machine, in one case I saw a 50% reduction of hair regrowth after only one treatment, it`s really unbelievable!

Esther K.
Radiance Spa

To whom it may concern,
I am very pleased and satisfied with the exceptional level of knowledge, service, training, and off course the quality of the machines. Initially I purchased one machine, now I own several machines from Photo Biotech. The level of service pre and post purchase was really unprecedented. I was expecting the attention to fall off after the delivery. I was impressed and surprised with the continual level of service. The remarkable hand holding white glove service with not only me, but also with my staff. The ongoing updates and support is incalculable to me. Thank you very much. Please share the feedback with anyone.
Sincerely and best wishes,

Dr. S Bains
Other Quick Snippets :

“I lost 3 pound in 2 days”… R. O’leary Med-Spa Owner , Alberta
“I lost 2 inches on my hips after 2 sessions… F. Azam , Med-Spa Owner Victoria, Urban CaliBody
“Faster results on larger Body Part. Best on Back, Gut and Butt”… C. Malloy, Clinic Owner Portland Oregon
“Very Very fast sessions, I like booking three clients per hour. Easy, Fast, Effective! Buying the Hair attachment next, thank you guys”… J Linden, Aurora, Med-Spa, Spa Owner
Great service, happy with the larger spot size free upgrade, Thank you. Lisa S. Ohio, Owner
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